Coppola Productions was created to support the launch of ANGELESIS,

a First-Of-Its-Kind work of Celestial Fiction–of such Spiritual Significance that a single fucused Production Company was formed to bring ANGELESIS to Mankind in Print and Film.

Our primary thrust is to present readers and movie audiences world wide with exciting new concepts for them to ponder, portraying the contemporary situations of  life on Earth with a new perspective of “What if…”

We welcome those that would like to help us achieve this purpose and hope that you will contact us with your ideas on how we can partner together to bring ANGELESIS to the masses.

John VanOrsdell

John, was born in Manhattan, New York in 1933. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1955. John proudly served in the United States Navy. During his professional career he worked on Madison Avenue as a Copywriter. He has been married to his beloved wife Alys for over fifty-seven years. He has two children and five grandchildren. He is now retired and living on a beautiful lake in Boothbay, Maine.

John VanOrsdell Signing ANGELESIS First Printing on October 16th, 2013


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The world of VanOrsdell’s immensely enjoyable fiction debut is completely normal-sports, weather, international tensions, billions of people going about their daily lives-when everything suddenly receives a gigantic, fundamental disruption: A large alien spacecraft announces its imminent arrival in Earth’s orbit and seeks to open communications with the United States, claiming to come in peace…

-Kirkus Reviews

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